TRX 1000 Family of Receivers


Comes with rechargeable batteies only. Covers full frequencies, has excellent sensitivity, selectivity, and provides pin point accuracy. The noise blanking circuit reduces unwanted sound. Can monitor 200 – 1000 radio signals depending on number of bands chosen. Multiple bands up to 5 Mhz. available. The 1000 family of receivers have been considered the industry standard since 1980. Contact WMI for more information.

If Frequency choices don’t comply with Receiver Specs we will contact you.

TRX-1000S PDF Spec Sheet

TRX-1000WR PDF Spec Sheet


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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 5.5 in

TRX-1000S, TRX-2000S, TRX-3000S, TRX-4000S, TRX-5000S, TRX-1000WR, TRX-2000WR, TRX-3000WR, TRX-4000WR, TRX-5000WR