Rechargeable Dog Recovery Transmitter


3310: Lightweight 7 ounce collar with rechargeable battery which has a life of several years and will last 5+ days on full charge. Has a standard signal range of 2-9 miles, includes recharger. 3700: Standard 9 ounce collar, rechargeable battery has several years of life and on a full charge , will send signal for 11+ days. Has a standard 2-9 mile signal range, includes recharger. 3450 Magnum: 13 ounce collar with high powered rechargeable battery that lasts several years and on a full charge will send signal for 13+ days. Has a 3-12 mile range for use in rugged terrain, includes recharger.

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HNCM-3310, HNCM-3700, HNCM-3450