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Wildlife Materials, Inc. strives to produce tracking devices that have excellent output, efficiency and reliability while weighing only a small percentage of the animal's body weight. As a wildlife biologist with a special interest in upland game, Wildlife Materials founder Bob Hawkins was concerned about prevention of adverse effects on transmittered animals. He studied available literature and wrote relevant articles.

It should be added that, over the 35 years Wildlife Materials has been in business, considerable knowledge has been gained from customers. Before, during and after studies occur, project biologists and Wildlife Materials personnel have consulted with one another. The invaluable aid of project leaders' field experience has helped us adapt our technology to match the weight, shape, behavior and habitat of hundreds of species. The ultimate result is better management of wildlife.

There are many factors to consider in choosing the proper telemetry equipment. If wildlife researchers have not used a certain radio-transmitter package before, they usually call or write us for a recommendation. At this time, we determine the species, its weight, shape, and habitat as well as the length of study and the species' physiological changes during the study, all of which will influence transmitter choices.

Ongoing communication between project leaders and Wildlife Materials consultants will help assure successful study results.

For your convenience, here are data sheets on our research items: