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Frequently Asked Questions

General Tracking Questions:

  • How does a tracking system work?
    A tracking system consists of a transmitter, receiver, and antenna. Turn the transmitter on by removing the transmitter magnet. Turn the receiver on and tune to the same frequency (channel) as the transmitter. A correctly tuned receiver will emit a beeping sound that matches the transmitter signal. The receiver should be tuned to the signal that sounds best.
    TIP: Hold the antenna in front of you with its main boom parallel to the ground. Slowly turn in a complete circle and the signal strength will increase in one direction and then decrease in another direction. Move toward the strongest signal, where the transmitter is located. After locating the transmitter, turn it off by replacing the transmitter magnet. Verify that the transmitter collar signal has stopped by listening to the receiver channel. After you have located all of your transmitters and turned them off, turn your receiver off, fold the antenna and store equipment safely.
  • What is frequency
  • How much signal range will my unit get?
  • What about radio signals and weather?
  • How do I deal with signal bounce?
  • When repairs are needed, what action should I take?

Dog Recovery Related Questions:

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