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Ethics Statement: In this day, with decreasing hunting lands and increasing pressure on the hunting public, it is important that everyone using the outdoors does so responsibly. Obey the hunting laws of the state you are in, and respect the privacy of the landowner. Remove your dogs from the field and do not leave them out where they can become injured or cause trouble. If you are unsure of the laws in your area, please contact the appropriate state agency. For your convenience, we have provided links to many of these agencies on our hunting resources page.

Radio telemetry equipment has been used to recover valuable hunting dogs since the late 1970's. Wildlife Materials was there at the beginning and is still widely recognized as the industry leader. There are many benefits to the use of this equipment, including saved gas and vehicle wear. Dogs that, in the past, would have been considered lost and left in the field can now be recovered and brought home the same day as the event. Dogs that would have died from injuries have been recovered and saved. Also, dogs removed from the field are not left to run game and domestic livestock or cause problems with residents in areas that are hunted. Hunters have told us many stories about how the use of our equipment has improved their experience. In fact, after using this equipment, many hunters tell us they will not release a dog without it.

A dog recovery system consists of four parts. These include a transmitter collar, a receiver, an antenna, and finally, the often forgotten antenna cable.

  • The dog wears the transmitter collar when it is released. Our collars come with rechargeable, changeable, or sealed lithium batteries and come in sizes to fit any sporting dog. Visit our transmitter page for more detailed information about our transmitter collars.
  • The receiver is carried by the hunter. Wildlife Materials manufactures six models of receiver to fit the individual needs of the hunter. Visit our receiver pages for more detailed information on our receivers.
  • Antennas are used to pick up and directionalize the signal. The antenna cable is used to connect the antenna to the receiver. More information about Wildlife Materials' antennas can be found on our antennas page.
  • Visit our accessories page to review a complete line of supplies to service your dog recovery equipment.

The initial decision of what equipment to purchase to meet your present and future needs requires a certain amount of consideration. Visit our package selector page for more in-depth discussion of some of the factors that you might want to consider when putting together your package. Also, be sure to browse our site for frequently asked questions that pertain to dog recovery or visit our customer service section for a variety of ways to contact us with questions or feedback.

By using our Dog Recovery products, dog owners get the benefit of Wildlife Materials' decades of manufacturing experience for wildlife research. Plus, our Five Year Warranty on parts and labor is the best in the business.

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